Introducing the creator of A.D Guitars: Mr. Adrian Price. Better known as Ady.

Throughout his life Ady has always loved music. Especially music that features a 12-bar blues shuffle. For many years now, he has been buying and playing various guitars, eventually finding his one true love, the Fender Telecaster.

After years of collecting, Ady began experimenting and learning the professional techniques that are used for creating custom artwork designs. Throughout this time he also set-up his very own paint studio, creating the ideal environment for his newly found hobby.

To date, Ady has styled and carried out over 50 different guitar artworks, some for his personal collection and many for other people. A few of his most proud designs can be seen on the previous section above (Custom Designs).

Personal Message:

"Free free to drop me a line within the contact section, I'm currently taking bookings for new projects. Prices are very affordable as this is a new, part-time venture. I look forward to hearing from you."